Yellow Goat Design

Yellow Goat Design is a global lighting design company that specializes in designing, fabricating and installing unique products. For over 20 years, clients like the Four Seasons, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sephora have relied on Yellow Goat’s evocative creations to create buzz, attract tenants, instill wonder and tell stories.

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Shedding light on the products

When Yellow Goat approached us, they wanted clients to better understand their capabilities and come away with an amazing first impression. To achieve this, we created functional index pages, immersive product and project detail pages, and engaging pages on company and process pages, putting the work front and center throughout while adding ways to encourage further exploration.

YGD UX Company 2x
YGD UX Collection 2x
YGD UX Contact 2x
YGD UX News 2x
YGD UX News Entry 2x
YGD UX Partners 2x
YGD UX Project 2x
YGD UX Approach 2x
YGD UX Home 2x
YGD UX Product 2x
YGD UX Product Index 2x
YGD UX Proj Index 2x

Crafted and Approachable

If you can dream it up Yellow Goat can bring it to life. This is the mantra we followed in our initial design thinking. GT Sectra’s finely constructed letterforms invoke artful sculpture while maintaining a certain strength while Basis Grotesque provides a friendly compliment that is down to earth. Rich, warm accent colors help amplify the latter feeling and hand-drawn illustrations drive home the idea that Yellow Goat is a company that’s not afraid to put it’s quirky stamp on its work.

Type GT Sectra GT Sectra
Type Basis Grotesk Basis Grotesque
YG Maize
Icons full simple
Pendants split
Application Fixtures List
Application Mobile Catalog Teal
Application Icicles Carousel
Application Screens 2 Yellow

In the spotlight

Equally interesting and arresting, Yellow Goat’s breadth and depth of work is extraordinary. At every turn, we put the work front and center and created a variety of entry points for those coming in contact with the company for the first time and those in the know. On inner detail and showcase pages, we employed gallery walls, carousels and full screen heroes to entice and encourage exploration.

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