Wonder is a human-powered research network. Ask us one question - or one hundred - and within minutes we'll scale up a research team to make sure you ace whatever is on your plate. We've been Wonder's product design team for four years - helping define their product and offer creative solutions to their ever-growing platform.

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Chat with an analyst

We built a chat application for Wonder users to speak directly with an analyst at any hour of any day. All you do is describe what you need researched, and the analyst works with you to formulate a plan. From there, they automatically submit it while you sit back and wait for it to arrive in 24 hours.


A team on Wonder can easily access all of their projects from their dashboard. You can add team members to a project, start a new request, or create a new workspace. We created an advanced filtering system for larger teams who need to find a specific piece of research quickly.

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Your beautiful research

Once your team of analysts complete your project, they send you a comprehensive document full of findings, sources, and spreadsheets. From here, you can send it out to team members and co-workers so you can go about your day and stay on track.=

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Messaging through and through

Over the years we have re-designed the Wonder homepage multiple times. As the product grows, so does the strategy around growth. We use the homepage as a focal-point to funnel people into their interested areas. Highlighting the use-cases, features, and real humans who power the ecosystem.

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We started working with Wonder when it was just two founders in a WeWork. After multiple funding rounds and many product iterations, we've been proud to see their network of analysts grow immensely. Even better, they work with enterprise clients as an extension of their business team, and continue to make strides in creating more efficient and robust research for their clients.


Honoree, Professional Services (2017) – The Webby Awards

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