Wired Certification is a commercial real estate rating system that empowers landlords to understand, improve, and promote their buildings' digital infrastructure. We helped them redefine their digital strategy by creating a new website, mobile experience, and a content strategy that would span across their blog, case studies, broker resources, and social outreach.

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Every building, every tenant

WiredScore operates in two main verticals: Occupied buildings and New Developments. We helped create a compelling and sensible user experience to help customers find the product that was right for them.

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Extending the brand - blocks and colors

We spent a lot of time with the WiredScore team to find the best solution for implementing their new brand identity for the web. We had a fantastic color and typography system to work with, and wanted to emphasize their voice and friendly demeanor through through out the design.

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Mobile usage for the product was very high - mostly because prospective tenants would check if the building was certified on-the-go. Because of this, it was crucial the site worked perfectly on mobile.

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With so much revolutionary technology happening in the energy sector, we were thrilled to work with Lyra, which specializes in a more efficient and clean way to extract and process natural gas. Our partnership included brand research, strategy, visual concepting, brand design, collateral production, and web design + development.

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