Think of Olo as the interface between restaurants and the on-demand world. They connect the dots to customers outside the brick-and-mortar. They handle logistics, delivery, and online ordering for some of the world's most recognizable brands. We've worked with them since 2016 on a variety of brand & digital endeavors. We recently launched their consumer-facing website in 2019, which is a foundation for their new visual design & brand.

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Figuring out our best route

As with any major website build, we started with research & strategy, along with a robust discovery phase to find out how we could simplify the UX, and also show value towards Olo's primary customer - large restaurant groups. We wanted to create a searchable database of customers, and give each of their growing solutions more distinction.

We created a lo-fi wireframe map that helped align their different departments and tested it within the organization before moving towards the full web build.

Olo UX

Updating the digital brand

Olo is a fast-growing company that never really had the time to solidify a brand system for their growth. We worked with them to figure out how we could bring together typography, colors, and graphic styles to make a future-forward system.

Grotesk Space Grotesk
Mono 1 Space Mono
Night Sky
Olo Blue
Order Yellow
Speedy Green
Platform Purple

Keeping it simple

We worked with Olo to craft a simple straight forward story. We created a simple filterable index that allowed users to see the full breath of their customer roster. Along side this we focused on their 3 main solutions to do the heavy lifting around content.

Olo R4 Hero Beyond4
Olo R4 Hero Five Guys
Olo R4 Hero Wingstop
Olo R4 Menu
Mobile Home Copy
Mobile timeline
Mobile solution
Mobile Home solutions
Mobile form
Mobile case study

Endless Customers

One of our biggest challenges was creating a database of Olo customers, which span many different industries, food types, and sizes. In addition, we created different tiers of information on each customer. Some are just links to the work, others summarize the partnership, and others are full case studies with data, links, and outcomes.

Olo index
Olo case study
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