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Emotional intelligence affects everything. It drives decision-making, relationships, creativity and much more. Now, you can elevate performance with a breakthrough emotion learning system. The Oji Life Lab team is used by large organizations to motive and care for their employees better. Also, users can track their mood, work through activities, and track their progress and learning. We helped them design their product from the ground up, support their marketing efforts, and strategize for growth.

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Sights & senses

For a (mostly) digital product, the brand was born through the UI. Through our research, we determined that an approachable and friendly design was important to motivate users, and we wanted to pair that with bright colors per level, and an editorial feel to keep some of the more content-heavy areas more fun to engage with.

Oji App 5 WIDE 2020 10 03 171737

The colors of emotions

We needed a large color palette to reflect the range of emotions and levels in the application. We use neutral beige and grays throughout, and brighter colors for the level signifiers. This created a nice contrast as a user progresses through the app.

Oji Orange
Background Beige
Cloudy Grey
Blurry Blue
Gracious Green
Ruby Red
Anxious Yellow
Tiempos Headline Tiempos Headline
National 2 National 2
Oji App 4 Copy 4
Oji App 4 Copy 11
Oji App 4 Copy 12
Oji App 4 Copy 13
3 checkin
Comeback kid
5 MM
20 MM
Bookworm copy
50 MM
100 MM

It's all about the journey

Learning about emotions can be a daunting task, and no person wants to endlessly answer questions without feedback. This is one of the reasons we segment the journey into levels and steps. Each step is made up of a TAPV card (text, audio, photo, video). These cards allow the Oji Life Lab team to create a unique learning experience for each person on the application by placing them in different orders, or asking them to provide information in different ways, whether that be through text, video recordings, audio recordings, or group learning sessions via video chat.

This approach also has given our team the flexibility to create new cards types in the future without having to change the user's experience.

Breaking the entire journey up into levels and steps also allows for the user to leave the flow at anytime, always keeping their spot. By allowing the user to achieve small goals each day we took away the barrier of time needed to complete the program and allow for reflection along the journey.

5 0 Dashboard v1 2
5 0 Dashboard v2 swipe actions 1
5 0 Dashboard v2 swipe actions 2
5 0 Dashboard v2
5 0 Dashboard v3 1
5 0 Dashboard v3 2
5 0 Dashboard v3 4
5 0 Path Step 1 1 Vid mode
5 0 Path Step 1 1
5 0 Path Step 1 2
5 0 Path Step 1 3
5 0 Dashboard v1 1
5 0 Path Step 1 4 confirm
5 0 Path Step 1 4 TAPV Options
5 0 Path Step 1 5 congrats
6 0 Path Step 2 1 filled
6 0 Path Step 2 2 carousel 1
6 0 Path Step 2 2 carousel 3
6 0 Path Step 2 2 1
6 0 Path Step 2 2 3 form inactive
6 0 Path Step 2 2 4
6 0 Path Step 2 3 1
6 0 Path Step 2 Full Complete
6 0 Path Step 2 3 3 active
6 0 Path Step 2 3 2 static
6 0 Path Step 2 3 4 complete
6 0 Path Step 3 0
6 0 Path Step 3 1 1
6 0 Path Step 6 1 active
6 0 Path Step 6 2 1
6 0 Path Step 6 2 3
6 0 Path Step 6 3 3
6 0 Path Step 6 4
6 0 Path Step 6 6 2 scrolled
6 0 Path Step 6 8 completed
6 0 Path Step 6 9
6 0 Path Step 12 1 Continue
6 0 Path Step 12 1 v2 active in frame
6 0 Path Step 12 2 1
6 0 Path Step 12 3 1

Visuals that make you feel alive

Our design system had to be robust to handle many different activities, actions, and flows. From chatting with coaches, to checking into the mood meter, and recording personal stories, we made a familiar and flexible design that is easily replicable when new features need to be made.

Check your mood

One of the crucial functions of the app is the ability to check your mood throughout the day. This helps regulate emotions, keep a historical graph of your overall mood over time, and also a stress reliever that helps put things into perspective.

Manage the group with ease

In addition to the mobile app, we designed an administrator dashboard to get a birds-eye view of the whole company’s progress. This shows critical statistics, team progress via waves, mood meter data, and a way to view the team’s stories privately.

R3 Web App Dashboard 2x
R3 Web App Video Story Play Flyout Active Copy 2x
R3 Web App Engagement Static Copy 2x
R3 Web App Progress All Waves 2x
R3 Web App Mood Meter 2x
R3 Web App Story Review Static 2x
R3 Web App Audio Story Play Flyout v2 Active 2x
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