MyClean is a home and office cleaning service that prides itself on having a dedicated cleaning staff, using eco-friendly products, and following a thorough 50-point checklist to guarantee a great clean for every customer. We proudly partnered together for a full rebrand, website redesign, and product redesign.

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Getting Down ’n’ Dirty

Our first step was to define MyClean’s goals in a highly competitive space. We discussed what was working with their current brand, as well as elements they wished to improve upon. Our concept focuses on how easy and stress-free their service is from beginning to end. Eventually we crafted a strong wordmark logo while paying homage to their previous logo by using the iconic bubbles in a more minimalistic fashion.

Myc  Web  Logo  Dev

Clean Messaging

Creating a personable and confident voice for MyClean was key. We achieved this by using bold typography, memorable iconography, and a fresh, clean color palette. The identity we crafted places emphasis on relaxation for the customer, while MyClean takes care of the dirty work.

My Clean Logo White
My Clean Bubbles Darkblue
My Clean Combo Blue Darkblue

Making a Statement

The brand has been extended to encompass cleaners' uniforms, 'leave-behind' print materials, and online advertising. On of our favorite elements of the rebrand was mixing iconography with copy. This emphasized a playful tone - perfect for marketing and sales collateral.

Clean Green
Midnight Blue
Bubble Blue
Brown Brown
Merriweather Merriweather
Icon 40 Doors
Icon 35 Doors
Icon 36 Bags
Icon 37 Cross
Icon 38 Weights
Icon 39 Pencil
Icon 31 Flag
Icon 32 Trash
Icon 33 Leaf
Icon 34 Oven
Icon 27 Stripes
Icon 28 Diamonds
Icon 29 Screen
Icon 22 Envelope
Icon 23 Tag
Icon 24 Pin
Icon 25 Wave
Icon 26 Dots
Icon 18 Wipe2
Icon 19 Fridge
Icon 20 Shirt
Icon 21 Chart
Icon 14 Star
Icon 15 Clock
Icon 16 Calendar
Icon 17 Wipe
Icon 10 Happy
Icon 11 Sad
Icon 12 Neutral
Icon 13 Bell
Icon 9 Trash
Icon 5 Left
Icon 6 Right
Icon 7 Close
Icon 8 Check
Icon 1  Spray
Icon 2 Broom
Icon 3 Hanger
Icon 4 Duster
Myc Branding V5 Type 3 Copy 3
Print Edit–– Untitled Session0874
Poster Blue
Print Edit–– Untitled Session1416

Creating the Product

It was important that the newly crafted brand also had a strong web presence. We created a content strategy that would satisfy both new customers and their loyal existing customer base. The website successfully highlights the ease of using the MyClean service, the value for money it provides, as well as allowing for a quick and easy booking process for new customers.

Myc Home@2X

Targeting the Audience

Keeping the marketing pages simple and focused on conversions was important for MyClean, as there’s a common problem amongst similar services where new users don’t come back for more cleans. We encourage repeat use of MyClean services by offering discounts for inviting friends, signing up for recurring cleans, and offering lower rates for signing up at off-peak times.

Designing the Booking Flow

The largest phase of the project was refining their booking flow. It was important to also create a more intuitive dashboard for returning customers. The legacy system was tedious and difficult to navigate, causing many users to terminate the booking journey before completion.

We researched effective methods for minimizing drop-offs using other successful platforms as a guide. As a result, we divided the booking journey into a number of easy to navigate steps. To allow easy editing of mistakes, an interactive progress bar was added at the top.

Information Architecture

Reactive Pricing

This simplified flow was constantly iterated upon until we felt the needs of each target customer type were appropriately addressed. We did this by creating user stories, user testing, and interviewing current customers.

The animated pricing counter would change in real-time as discounts were added to a user’s clean, offering both incentive and positive reinforcement through the flow. Small details like customizable contact methods and an itemized receipt kept with our message of transparency.

Myc Booking 2 1@2X
Myc Booking 2 3@2X
Myc Booking 2 5@2X

"As a client, you always hope for the unicorn — fantastic work from a partner who cares just as much as you do. And I have to say Milkshake has me believing in mystical creatures again."

Derrick Shich, CPMO

The Dashboard

Nowadays every product must work flawlessly on all devices. In order to create the simplest booking experience possible, we ensured the booking steps would translate easily from web to mobile. The challenges of so many complicated and functional interactions on such a small screen helped us simplify the process and only display the information that was crucial at the time.

The internal dashboard displays upcoming cleans in the forefront. These can be analyzed and quickly edited, without engaging MyClean’s customer service team. Previously, needs were handled exclusively over the phone. On

Myc Inner Landing 1 Expanded For Portfolio@2X
Myc Modal@2X


There has been a significant increase in web traffic to, mostly on mobile devices. More importantly, their new price increases did not have an adverse effect on new customer acquisition. Sign-ups have increased in the first 3 months following re-launch. There is a steady increase in both recurring cleans, office cleans, and moving cleans (which historically were not profitable).

We're proud to have worked with MyClean to welcome their new brand identity, web presence and booking system.


Honoree, Best Service Website (2017) – The Webby Awards

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Increase in web traffic


New Customer Sign-ups


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