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The Mood Meter app helps you track your emotions, understand your feelings, and manage them. The app is a spin off from the Life Labs App that we designed with the incredible team at Oji Life Labs.

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There's many moods

Tracking your mood seems easy, right? Turns out, it's more difficult than it sounds. After many iterations, tests, and failures, we relied on the research of Marc Brackett, Director at The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence for support.

We found that it was easier to 'zone' in on an emotion once it was put into a high level category. From there, we created an exploratory and easy-to-use interface that helped guide the user to their exact emotion.

Understanding your friends emotions

A major part of healthy emotional intelligence is being open about your feelings and understanding how other feel. We created a way to share with the people you trust, directly in the app. This allows users to have a better grasp on how their emotions effect other and how their change in behaviors can help. The sharing feature also allowed for organic growth, and a much more open and honest use of the Mood Meter.

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09 Time level 9
08 Goal level 8
07 Regulations Level 7
06 Recognize level 6
05 Read relate level 5
04 Rapid recall level 4
03 My turn level 3
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Learning from your habits

A large part of the Mood Meter is understanding how you felt during a period of time and what was affecting it. We created a historical chart that keeps you informed on your moods down to the hour, day, and month. Want to be more calm and energized? This will help show you the way.

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