Mindbloom exists to help you expand your human potential. Artfully crafted and backed by science, their guided experiences are for those seeking to become more. With clinics all around the US, they offer communal spaces and expert clinicians to administer psychedelic medicine. We helped them with strategy, branding, marketing, and web.

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Artfully crafted & backed by science

During our discovery sessions with Mindbloom, we knew we were fighting public stigmas about the product and wanted to re-assure their safe and beneficial practice. Each person's guided experience with Mindbloom is unique with a sense of wonder and mystery through that we wanted to highlight. The brand is a balance of science, wonder, and the unknown.

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Movement, energy, and gradients

Mindbloom helps people explore themselves and expand their mind. We took this idea and made it a large part of the brand. Our custom gradient artwork signifying exploration and 'breakthroughs' in the patients experience. The colors evoke both warm and energy as you move through each gradient. These can be used in many ways throughout the brand, and make an especially strong impact in advertising, print, and marketing materials.

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Bringing the brand to physical world

Throughout the process we worked with interior designers to help focus the space around the journey and the clinicians. The interiors were meant to mimic the bright and gradated graphics of the brand while offering each person a calming rooms to reflect and feel at ease.

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Educating and informing from the first interaction

As with any successful branding project, a well-crafted website is crucial to its success. The strategy for mindbloom.co was to offer ample information about the drugs, treatment, and provide a clear understanding of the experience. Small animations, details, and colorful borders anchor the design, making it echo the companies ethos.

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