With so much revolutionary technology happening in the energy sector, we were thrilled to work with Lyra, which specializes in a more efficient and clean way to extract and process natural gas. Our partnership included brand research, strategy, visual concepting, brand design, collateral production, and web design + development.

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Inspired by the stars

The name "Lyra" comes from a known constellation that was used for centuries as a navigational tool. We used this as inspiration from the brand, and connected the "beacon in the sky" as Lyra's mission in often opaque, cloudy, and misunderstood industry. The name and brand is meant to offer transparency in both their technology and practices.


The mark

Confident, geometric, and powerful. We allude to the "Beacon in the Sky" mantra by giving the A a strong and noticeable shining star in the middle. This allows for the A to be used alone as a secondary mark while not losing the power and message behind the identity.

04 Logo Blue
04 Graphicmark Grey
04 Graphicmark Grey
Stratosphere blue
Burnt coffee
Lyra Type 1 Source Code
Lyra Type 2 Source Sans Pro
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03 Mark Textures
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Mindbloom exists to help you expand your human potential. Artfully crafted and backed by science, our guided experiences are for those seeking to become more. With clinics all around the US, they offer communal spaces and expert clinicians to administer psychedelic medicine. We helped them with strategy, branding, marketing, and web.

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