Handel Architects

Handel Architects is an international architecture, interior design and planning firm headquartered in New York City. They are responsible for internationally recognized projects such as the National September 11 Memorial in New York City. We partnered together for a full website build.

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Building the Fundamentals

Handel Architects original website was a small portfolio site that they had well and truly overgrown size-wise. We were tasked with building a full-functional website for their main user groups being prospective clients, press and as a recruitment tool. Our first step was to identify the story and how we organized their projects, culture, and expertise.

Ha Ux

An extension of space.

The homepage is a mix of key projects, company initiatives, and press from their newest projects. We wanted the content to feel dynamic, and offer many entry points into the interior pages.

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Dynamic Content without the cropping

It's near impossible to capture a feeling of space in a standard cropped image. That's why we made it a goal to never crop project images. Through the use of different modules, Handel was able to create a project page that crafted individualized stories and presented each project in a unique manner.

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What they do best

Handel architects works in many different disciplines. To showcase how they approach each project differently we created expertise pages. This gives them the ability to speak about their unique approach to each discipline, and allows for the website to grow as their company expertise expands.

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