Ghost Robot

Ghost Robot is a Brooklyn-Based Creative Content Studio. They got their start making music videos back when they were still a thing, and have transformed into a premier studio that creates feature films, branded content, and AR/VR experiences. We helped them create a whacky and recognizable identity, and a content-first digital platform to showcase their eclectic work.

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Loud, quirky, and unique

We wanted to match their masterful story-telling and bold visuals when we re-branded them. We chose the furthest thing we could from ghosts and robots - a family of cacti. Our strategy was to create visuals that were dynamic and complimentary to their video content

2  Gr Web Logo Dev 02
3  Gr Logo Horiz White
4  Gr Logo Stack Black
10 2 Gr Logo Emblem Black

A color for every mood

We created a color palette that mimicked their office and love for comic books. Another passion and side project of this prolific collective.

Ghost Yellow
Robot Chili
Gr Type 1 Sailec
Gr Type 2 Freight Big Pro
8 15 Craft Black
8 16 Tv Black
8 17 Peterpan Black
8 18 Cop Black
8 19 Saturn Black
8 20 Shoe Black
8 21 Sword Black
8 22 Pipe Black
8 23 Speaker Black
8 24 Teepee Black
8 1 Donut Black
8 2 Bones Black
8 3 Phone Black
8 4 Papernews Black
8 5 Axe Black
8 6 Martini Black
8 7 Astronaut Black
8 9 Computer Black
8 10 Filmstrip Black
8 11 Wand Black
8 12 Icecream Black
8 13 Crown Black
8 14 Booze Black

Meet the family

One of our favorite elements of the brand is the 4 styles of cacti that can be used. Fun and quirky? Choose the party one. Looking to impress some tech bros? Go with the isometric one. The possibilities are endless!

9 1 Gr Cactus Lines Black
9 2 Gr Cactus Lego White
9 3 Gr Cactus Neg Yellow
9 4 Gr Cactus Party White

Wear it head to toe

We extended the identity into their massive library of merchandise and physical products they produce and show in their store-front shop in Brooklyn. Their clients and fans have enough fresh gear to last a lifetime.

10 10 Blanket
Export Untitled Session2736
Twitch Cactus3
10 8 Enamel Mug Psd Mock Up Copy

A home for their work

Creating the website meant managing and organizing hundreds of films, videos, and documentaries. We also wanted to highlight their stellar roster of directors, whom are the heroes behind the scenes. The site is simple, scrolls forever (even up! try it), and is focused on viewing their incredible content first and foremost.

Homepage 2018
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