FilmRise is a film and television distribution company founded by veteran producers and financiers Danny Fisher, Jack Fisher and Alan Klingenstein. FilmRise content can be found in theaters, on popular streaming platforms, television, and on our proprietary channels, including Roku. We worked with them to create a complete re-brand, a new website showcasing their growing catalogue, and production art for their streaming platforms.

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Growth and strength

We worked very closely with the FilmRise to discover what they wanted to the FilmRise brand to truly represent. As a growing company going toe-to-toe against titans that have been around for decades, they wanted something legible, strong, and to represent their 'rising' in the industry. We wanted to adhere to these principles without being too literal in our execution.

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Roku Channels

Film Rise is a major player on Roku, with over 12 channels dedicated to their programming. We created unique artwork for each channel while keeping a consistent design across the ecosystem so a user knows if they are in a dedicated Film Rise channel.

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Web, social, and film

When it came to the digital strategy for their web and social properties, there was a need to showcase the top notch content they distribute, and allow potential clientele to quickly see if they are a good fit in terms of collaboration. We wanted a site that performed perfectly on mobile, and also a quick way for their growing and changing content to quickly be edited and updated.

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Get tickets, fast

We wanted to allow users to quickly find where they can watch the new theatrical release. They can view the trailer right on the website, and we link out to all web properties where you can view the film or TV show.

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Mood Meter

The Mood Meter app helps you track your emotions, understand your feelings, and manage them. The app is a spin off from the Life Labs App that we designed with the incredible team at Oji Life Labs.

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