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Chester makes modern luggage for the modern traveler. With features that prioritize durability, personalization, and comfort, it’s found a niche amongst travelers that need a reliable companion for their many adventures. We helped them with strategy, brand, art direction, and eCommerce design and development.

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It’s all about the destination

Our initial strategy phase focused on Chester being the perfect travel companion to any destination. We found that a traveler’s luggage reflects their personality, and also their desired destinations. We matched the unique bag colors with exotic locations, and built a flexible brand system around it.

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Which type of traveler are you?

People travel the world in search of something new. They are looking for a place that evokes a feeling and vibe they understand. To match this idea we paired each luggage color with a destination and color palette. This relation is reflected in everything from the color name, marketing materials, to the website and social ads. We want people to express who they are through their luggage.

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Shop freely

We found most luggage online stores to be confusing, full of annoying up-sells, and generally a headache when you really just want to find the perfect bag for you or a friend. We simplified the experience on a customized Woo Commerce build that prioritizes transparency, editorial resources, and interactivity on the detail pages.

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