Breakwater Studios

Breakwater Studios is a young production studio bringing the ideology of the classic film studio back – keeping everything under one roof, and focusing on the value of the story. We worked with them to completely redesign and develop their website.

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Getting lost in the story

With an incredible library of shorts, documentaries, and film, we wanted people to really get lost in the content. We achieved this by allowing the user to jump into a video from anywhere on the site. Once in the video player, they could easily browse through all of the content or dive deeper into the story.

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More than just a library

There are amazing stories behind all of the films at Breakwater Studios. Showing a wall of stills would be an injustice to their craft. Instead, we created an index that made people focus on one film at a time - allowing you to learn a bit of backstory before watching.

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Screenshot 2018 11 17 The Catalyte Story Breakwater Studios
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